Working with Digital Initiatives

We have partnered with Digital Initiatives to create and maintain our digital squeeze collection. They have the technology to create beautiful high-resolution photographs using raking light to bring out the shadows on our inscriptions. Squeeze Collection

The full collection will likely take months to photograph and to create the metadata, but Digital Initiatives has screen-capped some sample pages to give us an idea what the final project will look like.

squeezes full view with thumbnails

squeezes zoom view with thumbnails

squeezes metadata

We are about to begin creating the metadata for the collection, and photography will begin in the fall. We anticipate taking 6 to 8 months to photograph the collection; once that is done, our focus will be on providing transcriptions and translations of the inscriptions. We plan to have English, French & Spanish translations to ensure that the collection is accessible to a wide audience. This will provide experience for many future Classics students, as well as create a teaching resource for the department.


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