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Fundraising update

The book sale raised $327.10 over two days and the bake sale raised $427.05. Clearly, the students and professors at UBC have their priorities in order, and food trumps learning. After expenses, we’ve raised $700.00 of the $8,000.00 needed to digitize the collection!

Chocolate cupcakes with Peanut Butter Icing. courtesy of Heather Odell

Chocolate cupcakes with Peanut Butter Icing. courtesy of Heather Odell

A huge thank you to Shalini Tandon and Heather Odell for organizing the book sale & bake sale respectively. We are also hugely indebted to the graduate students and professors of the Classics, Near Eastern & Religious Studies department for their generous donations of books and baked goods.

Special thanks to:

Shalini Tandon

Heather Odell

Andrei Mihailiuk

David Assaf

Miranda Iddon

Alexandra Cruz

Ana Goland

Sandra Cervantes

Natalie MacDougall

Patricia Taylor

Brad Morrison

Maude Côté-Landry

Kat Solberg

Haley Bertram

Christian Brady

Gwynaeth McIntyre

Kevin Pasman

for all their hard work putting the sales together & manning tables. Your hard work is appreciated!

Stay tuned for more fundraisers and project updates.


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Fundraising Events This Week at UBC

For readers who happen to be on or near the UBC campus this week, we’re having the first of many fundraising events to raise the money needed to digitize the squeeze collection.

Enjoy some delicious baked goods full of buttery, chocolatey, or bacon-y goodness, buy a few books to support your academic dreams (at a fraction of bookstore prices) or to indulge your guilty pleasures, and support a great cause!
The sale will be held this Thursday and Friday, Sept. 19th and 20th, from 10am – 2pm at two separate locations.
The book sale will be held on the 1st floor lobby of Buchanan A (near the cafe) and the bake sale will be held on the 2nd floor of Buchanan B (near the doors that lead into Buchanan C).
These are cash only events, so come with brimming wallets and empty bellies and backpacks!

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