Artifact Collection

The artifact collection was a gift given to the Department of Classical, Near Eastern and Religious Studies in the year 2001 by George T.H. Fuller, shortly after the objects had been seen by Drs. Hector Williams and Lisa Cooper during an artifact identification clinic for members of the public at UBC’s Laboratory of Archaeology.  Mr. Fuller’s father had been a diplomat in the Middle East in the 1930’s, and the objects in the collection were purchases that he made in antiquities shops in various cities such as Cairo, Jerusalem and Baghdad during his time abroad.

The collection was photographed by Jessica Matteazzi this spring, and David Assaf has put together a website on that will allow students to study the collection in class.


All initial information on the collection is based on the preliminary assessment done by UBC’s own Lisa Cooper, Associate Professor of Near Eastern Art & Archaeology. We hope that throughout the course of the 2013/14 school year, students will be able to undertake more in-depth analysis of the artifacts and add their own assessments to the database. We welcome all students from any institution to use our database and to share their analysis with us.



Baked clay lamp


019 - Copy

Egyptian amulets




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