We are actively seeking funding to fulfill our project objectives. At the moment, we are very generously funded by UBC TLEF, which has allowed us to hire three team members over the summer to work on digitizing the collection.  Our full collection is over 1,000 squeezes, but many of those are duplicates and we estimate that there are 700 – 750 that should be scanned to represent the full collection without duplicating anything. We have photographed 444 squeezes to date and the website should go live by the end of August, just in time for fall classes to make use of all our hard work.

There is, however, much more we would like to do for our project, like providing transliteration and translations wherever possible, and that takes considerable time and effort.

In addition, we have been invited to present at the 2014 EAGLE Conference in Paris this September and at the UBC Okanagan Campus’ Open Access Week in October. Both of those trips will incur travel and accommodation costs that we are trying to cover on our own so as not to strain our small department’s limited resources.

To that end, we have begun a couple of fundraising efforts. We have a Zazzle store with a number of products that feature our squeezes and artifacts.

screnshot zazzle

We are also  planning a combination bake sale & raffle for the beginning of September. This will be a great opportunity to introduce new and returning UBC students to the resource we have spent our summer creating for them, as well as giving them a chance to win some great prizes. We have already had a generous donation from Salt Spring Coffee, a local coffee company that is committed to providing certified organic, direct trade, certified fair trade and operationally carbon neutral coffee.

Salt Spring Coffee

And for individuals who would like to support our project without purchasing promotional goods or raffle tickets, we have added a Paypal donation button to our main page. Donations of any amount are welcome.

We  invite all on-campus vendors interested in supporting our efforts to contact us at



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